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Arta Muçaj's Biography

Arta Muçaj was born on December 24th 1974, in Prizren city in Kosovo. Arta studied Drama in “The Academy of Fine Arts” in Tirana, Albania, where she successfully completed and received the Diploma in professional acting in 1997. Since than Arta was involved in many projects initiated and implemented by: The National Theatre of Tirana, The National Theatre of Kosovo where she is employed as actress, Theatre of Nationalities in Macedonia, Intercult, a production and education unit based in Stockholm, Sweden, National Television of Albania, and private production companies.

Arta performed in-country, regionally and internationally in well-known theatre festivals in Europe and elsewhere.

She started her career with plays in National Theatre in Tirana, Albania such as:

"The Liar" of K.Goldon, Directed by: Ervin Çuli, Part: Rosaura;

“Danton’s death" of G.Byhner, Directed by: Vladimir Milcin, Part: Lysi;

“Quo Vadis” of S.Fanko, Directed by: Serafin Fanko, Part: Bride;

“Summer Day" of S.Mrozhek, Directed by: Bojken Lako, Part: Lady and

“Watch out it bites" of A. Bern, Directed by: Kico Londo, Part: Kate.

In Sweden with Intercult Arta was engaged with two projects/plays: “Tomorrow Paradise” and “Hotel Europa”. “Tomorrow Paradise” written by Teki Dërvishi, Directed by: Dritëro Kasapi, Part: Bride and Producer: Kris Torch, was prepared in Stockholm, Sweden, in co-operation with Swedish Art House “Intercult”, director: Kris Torch and three Theatres: Tirana National Theatre, Prishtina National Theatre and Skopje Theatre. This play was performed in London during summer 2001, in Summer Festival “East Goes West”, Notting Hill Gate at the “Gate Theatre”. On February 2002 the producer organised a tour in Sweden where it was performed eight times.

Play “Hotel Europa” of Goran Stefanovski, produced by Kris Torch, directed by seven directors from Balkan and Baltic countries and played by actors from these countries was prepared in Vienna, Austria where the premiere was performed. This play was performed on those Theatre Festivals: Winer Festwochen, Austria; Bonner Biennale 2000, Germany; Festival D’Avignon, France; Stockholm, Sweden and Bologna 2000, Italy.

From The Theatre of Nationalities of Macedonia, Arta was involved in two projects, one being “Father" by Strindberg Directed by: Slobodan Unkovski and her part was Laura. This play is a production of CTC-Skopje-Macedonia. This project was performed in The Summer Ohrid Festival, Macedonia; The Festival of Budva, Montenegro; National Theatre Festival of Macedonia where she received an award for Best Leading Role Actress; International Theatre Festival of Kosovo also awarded with Best Leading Role Actress; International Theatre Festival in Istanbul, Turkey; Cultural Days of Macedonia held in Moscow and St. Petersburg, Russia; International Theatre Festival in Cairo; International Theatre Festival in Butrint, Albania; Albanian Cultural Days, Paris, France and Winter Festival of Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

And the second project is “Dervish And Death" written by M.Selimovic, directed by: Vladimir Milcin, Part: The wife of Kadi and produced by Theatre of Nationalities-Skopje-Macedonia.

Arta as an employed actress with National Theatre of Kosovo, was and still is engaged with many projects. Worth mentioning are “One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" of D. Vaserman, Directed by: Ilir Bokshi, Part: Nurse Rached.

“Faust III” of P. Valeri, Directed by: Jeton Budima, Part: Mefisto. “Death and the Maiden" by A.Dorfman, Directed by: Rikard Ljarja, Part: Paulina.

“The Black Box" by S. Hamiti, directed by Agim Sopi, Part: Isabela.

“Roberto Xuko” of B. Marie Koltez, Directed by: Vladimir Milcin, Part: Lady of the Park.

“The House of Bernarda Alba" of F. Lorka, Directed by: Bekim Lumi, Part: Angustia.

Project of the private theatre in Prishtina “Teatri i Babes” (Father’s Theatre) Arta has been given a part of Ratka in the play “The Courage to Kill" of Lars Noren, directed by Arta Kallaba.

Arta is also dedicated to cinematography and passionately is seeking to give her contribution in order to enrich this sphere which is currently under developmental phase in Kosovo. So far she played in “Vjeshta e Trendafilave” (Autumn of Roses) of V.Karahoda and directed by Agim Sopi, Part: Tina. Her second project is the film “Anatema” written and directed by Agim Sopi, Arta’s part is Doresa.

Her contribution expanded in TV serial “Njerez dhe Fate” (People and Destinies) produced by the National Television of Albania. Directed by Ylli Pepo, Written by Ruzhdi Pulaha, part Didi. This is one of the most famous serial in Albanian speaking territories.

Arta currently employed as actress in The National Theatre of Kosovo she is also an artistic adviser in the Artistic Council of this respective theatre. Arta’s contribution to the overall culture development in the region is enormous and her dedication is very much appreciated and respected throughout Balkans.

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